Polo Shirt Short Sleeve Man Smash Black White

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Men’s short-sleeved polo shirt. Model created for racket sports, especially tennis and padel tennis. This stylish and comfortable polo shirt is the perfect ally for playing tennis in style. Lightness, breathability and freedom of movement in a single garment. If you are a lover of tennis and padel and are looking for a polo shirt to play in, this is the ideal one for you.

It has a Mao collar in a departure from the classic style which offers a touch of modernity. The opening at the neck incorporates two customised buttons that perfectly match the rest of the garment. This opening offers freedom of movement and ensures the shirt won’t bother you when playing.

This tennis and padel polo shirt is made with an elastic fabric that enables you to perform all your movements with total freedom. In this way, the tennis player’s flexibility is guaranteed, ensuring more travel in their movements, and performing endless serves, shots and finishes without any obstacles. Mesh fabric adds lightness and breathability to the elasticity. The Jacquard finish with microscopic perforations wicks away sweat and keeps the tennis player’s body cool and dry. Thus, post-exercise cooling is prevented and the bacteria caused by an accumulation of sweat are eliminated. unpleasant odours will be a thing of the past. All this is intended to give the wearer maximum comfort while playing sport.

The appearance is completed with a two-tone contrasting design, connected in the chest area by means of small linear drawings.

The rubber Joma logo has been seamlessly inserted into the fabric. The goal: to maintain lightness at all times, avoid uncomfortable chafing and further increase the feeling of comfort. Joma has transferred this technology over from footwear to clothing, adapting it to the needs of each product.

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