Running Shoes R.5000 23 Man Turquoise

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Men’s running trainers. Tested by the best professional athletes who confirm that this shoe is the lightest in Joma’s history. The shoe is aimed at professional runners with excellent technique, appropriate muscle work and who control their foot strike very well, making excessive cushioning or foot strike direction unnecessary.

Recommended for long distance competitions or marathons.

Through the improved VTS system, Joma seeks to achieve maximum ventilation. The direction of the mesh pattern achieves an internal flow of air from the toe toward the back, cooling the foot on each stride. The upper is reinforced with FLEXSHIELD synthetic material inserts, which ensure a closer fit to the runner’s foot, protecting it and providing stability while running.

The lightweight flat one-piece tongue will go unnoticed by the runner, helping to lighten the weight of the shoe.

The midsole builds a low-profile shoe. The cushioning provided by the FOAM REACTIVE system absorbs the impact of each stride while enabling you to push off at high speed without rising too far off the ground, thus saving energy.

The DURABILITY system maintains the quality of the high-density rubber providing maximum durability and wear resistance. Joma carried out a thorough biomechanical foot strike analysis with the kinds of professional runners for whom the R.5000 has been developed, in order to reduce the sole exclusively to the points where the sole of the foot comes into contact with the surface

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