Shoes Pro Roland 20 Grass Man White

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Shoe developed for multi surface, high competition. For players who demand a lot from the shoe. No matter how much you demand of it, it always offers more.

The cut is made of nylon, welded TPU and high abrasion front KPU to withstand the rubbing of the court. VTS system of ventilation that allows the entrance and exit of air in the shoe, maintaining the constant temperature of the foot. All materials are lightweight yet resistant. It incorporates a 360 system that improves the union between the sole and the cut, facilitating the natural distribution of the weight in the step. It has the JOMA SPORTECH system, injected rubber that avoids seams and other rigid materials, creating a more comfortable structure, with greater capacity of flexion and better adjustment to the foot. Reinforcement at the ankle by means of the FIX COUNTER system for greater support, protection and comfort thanks to its ergonomic shapes. Lateral PROTECTION system for greater reinforcement and protection. Pre-molded EVA+ insole that adjusts to the shape of the foot, contributing to the cushioning of the shoe and absorbing the impact of each step.

2mm EVA sole sewn to the cut using GLOVE SYSTEM technology, whereby both pieces are sewn flat without protruding seams, thus maintaining the rounded lines of the foot.

The midsole is made up of three pieces, one of which is made of soft phylon which occupies the entire base of the sole providing cushioning. A second piece of phylon which reaches the toes, harder which favours stability in lateral movement and a last piece of PVC placed in the central part for greater rigidity in the sole at the time of stepping. Lateral protection system that reinforces the resistance and durability of the shoe. It incorporates the STABILIS system, a piece of TPU placed in the narrowest part of the sole to avoid inappropriate turns between the front and back of the foot, thus achieving greater stability, keeping the foot firm in lateral movements.

The sole is made of rubber, it incorporates the DURABILITY system which provides greater resistance, delays wear and tear due to abrasion and extends the life of the shoe. No matter what you claim, the Pro-Roground shoe always offers more.

Weight: 370 grams, approximately.

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