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Men’s shorts. Model designed for racket sports, especially tennis and padel tennis. These super lightweight and highly stretchy shorts are designed for the tennis player to take their movements to another level. A game without limits to achieve unparalleled results. With special pockets to keep the ball and not lose a point.

The elastic waistband secures the shorts to the tennis player’s waist, while the flat drawstrings regulate the fit in that area. In addition, it has extra elastic pieces incorporated in the groin, which optimise freedom of movement. This feature is reinforced by the opening in the hem, which increases mobility and stride length to reach the ball without limitations.

On the other hand, it incorporates two special pockets to store the padel ball without losing any points. The player will not have to worry about losing the ball, since they have been designed with a special shape to ensure it cannot fall out while the player is on the move. These pockets also feature an interior made of special fabric that absorbs sweat and dries the hand when wiped on it. Immediately afterwards, the player can once again grasp the racket firmly and securely.

Likewise, the hem is laser-cut and finished with heat-sealed seams to avoid discomfort and irritation resulting from chafing against the skin. When the hem rubs against the skin during movement, the tennis player’s comfort is not affected.

The shorts have been made with a new super lightweight fabric that, in addition to adding little weight to the garment, is also elastic. This stretchiness optimises freedom of movement and offers unparalleled comfort during play. And to keep the weight down to a minimum, the added extras add minimal weight to the shorts. For example, the inside of the pockets are made of mesh. Another benefit is their breathability. By wicking away sweat, the tennis player’s skin remains dry and, therefore, post-exercise cooling is prevented.

These technical tennis and padel shorts are accompanied by a simple, monochrome design, easily combined with other garments.

The Joma logo is inserted in a reflective print to increase the visibility of the tennis player. In this way, they will be more visible on courts in low light. This feature also gives an aesthetic touch to the shorts.

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