Volleyball Shoes V.Impulse Lady 23 Woman Navy Blue Royal Blue

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Women’s technical volleyball trainers. With a low profile, these versatile training and competition trainers provide stability and cushioning so you can improve your skills both in your attack and defence.

The upper has been mainly manufactured with synthetic material applied with different technologies. On the one hand, the toe has been incorporated using JOMA SPORTECH technology, which aims to protect the area and is combined with a breathable textile. The sides feature high density synthetic material with small perforations from the VTS ventilation system. The heel is reinforced to protect the area. Foam has been added to the interior of the top and the tongue of the trainer for a more comfortable fit.

The midsole has been made with double density phylon using FULL DUAL PULSOR double cushioning technology. The top is firmer to provide stability and the bottom has been made using REACTIVE BALL technology. The central area includes a STABILIS piece which provides more stability and support, key when it comes to preventing injury.

The sole is made from high quality DURABILITY rubber. To aid the rotational turns in volleyball, the sole features the ROTATION structure. This provides an excellent feeling of comfort in jumps and side movements. And, to ensure the transition of the foot strike is more dynamic, the sole features the FLEXO flexion lines system on the front.

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